Rental Owner FAQ

1. Q. Do you charge a percentage of the monthly rent?
A. No, our compensation comes from a flat monthly fee.
2. Q. Do you handle any repair and/or maintenance not under product warranties that is left by owners?
 We take reports from tenants that there is a problem and confer with you to decide on a course of action. Having handled hundreds of rental homes and we have developed a resource base of all kinds of residential service and maintenance specialists.
3. Q. Are you available 24/7 for the resident or renters?
 If it is an emergency, the best number to call first is 911. We have a call center and carry smart phones with us so we can receive and/or respond to calls & emails ASAP.
4. Q. How do you classify or determine how much rent should be monthly?
 Alternative choices from competing rentals dictate how rent your home can command. We perform a detailed market study to choose a rent that attract tenants within a reasonable period of time.
5. Q. Do you do a monthly walk through of the home?
 No we do not. By law tenants have a right to “quiet enjoyment” of the home as long as they pay rent.
6. Q. What types of incentives are offered for the renters?
 We can offer any kind of incentive that you want to pay for that is legal.  If your home is fairly priced, you should not need to offer incentives.
7. Q. Do you offer advertising and if so is there a fee?
 We specialize in advanced internet marketing. Our marketing services are included in our “tenant placement” fee.
8. Q. Do you use market online and if so what websites?
 You can look up any of our current rentals in google and see what websites they are displayed on. One distinguishing
characteristic about our service is that we are Realtors and we do cooperate with other agents by compensating them to
show your home as part of our expense.
9. Q. Do you offer computerized monthly statements to the renters?
Yes, we use a specialized software in the cloud service called Appfolio.You can learn more at
10. Q. How do the renters pay rent? Weekly, biweekly or monthly?
Rents are due on or before the 1st of every month, late the next day and a late fee is due if not paid by the 5th day. (This allows for a 3 day grace period)
11. Q. How do tenants pay rent?
 We offer a variety of online and offline options to pay rent. Check with us for the specifics.
12. Q. Do you offer thorough tenant screenings?
Yes! Thorough tenant screening and verifications are critical to success as a landlord or property manager.
13. Q. Is landscaping offered and if so how much and how is it paid?
A. Most rental owners offer landscaping but not all. Check with us for specifics on a particular property.
14. Q. What contracts are offered? Month to month, semi annual, yearly?
A. Annual leases are the most common although sometimes other options are more appropriate for the situation.
15. Q. After each tenant turn over are mailbox keys, door locks and keys replaced?
A. Rekeying of a home is the responsibility of the tenant.  We can provide a referral to a locksmith if desired.
16. Q. Where can I find more information about landlord & tenant rights and responsibilities in California?
A. Click the link below . . .
California Dept of Consumer Affairs Landlord/Tenant Guide 
Tenant Rights, Laws and Protections: California
17. Q. Is your company licensed?  Who are you?
A. Our company is licensed by the California Department of Real Estate. DRE# 01900852.
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