“Ground Partner” Stand By Service

Tenant pays rent directly to the owner.
We provide onsite support services.

You’re there… 
The tenant pays the rent direct to you as per your  lease agreement.
You get your rent money faster.  Sometimes MUCH FASTER!

We’re here…
We stand by as your onsite  “Ground Partner” providing the following services.

1. Take calls from tenants regarding repair and other issues.

2. Work order processing, vendor assignment, and reporting.

3. One to one telephone support as needed.

4. Periodic drivebys and one yearly maintenance verification report with pictures. 

5. Serving notices if necessary.

6. Meet the sheriff at the home in the event of an eviction.

Professional management pays dividends!

COST? Far less than standard full service property management.

Contact Aaron at 951-326-4746 or
Forrest at 951-375-9683 to discuss your needs.

At no cost to you, we can help you value your home as a rental or
estimate the value of your rental as a home for sale.   Just ask us!